Sample Birthday Invitation


  • 1st Birthday Invitation Wording
  • We can't believe our little child
    has turned one! Come help us celebrate the special day with a cheerful party. You're warmly invited to our baby's first birthday celebration!

  • What can be more Special
    Than celebrating out little darling
    turning one?
    Come Join us as we enjoy
    with a little cake and lots to fun!

  • 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Samples
  • The apple of our eye is turning one,
    Please join us for the
    Birthday fun!

  • I'm turning 1...
    Please be at my birthday party
    and make it a special one for me

  • Please come to bless our little darling
    as she is turning one
    We have planned a birthday bash
    with circus and clowns and lots of fun

  • Gear up for a special treat,
    and lots of fun and enjoyment,
    because I'm turning One,
    and you'll be a guest of mine!

  • 16th Birthday Invitation Wording
  • 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Samples
  • Growing up is so much fun
    I'm sixteen and now it's my turn
    Help (name of the celebrator) celebrate her 16th birthday in style.16th Birthday

  • No more toffees, candies and toys
    Its time for makeup, parties and boys.
    (name of the celebrator) is turning sixteen
    Now's the time for a birthday party
    that's never been seen.16th Birthday

  • No more toys and pigtails, (name of the celebrator) is turning 16 and we are planning the biggest birthday party ever! Come and join us for a dance and
    dinner party.16th Birthday

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  • 18th Birthday Invitation Wording
  • 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Samples
  • I'm 18 almost and not done irking my neighbors yet.
    Friends do you think you can miss this one?
    The roof is ready for the party,
    So come join the bash as I celebrate my grand 18th in style.

  • I can hardly contain the emotion of actually growing up.
    I'll be eighteen and celebrating with you by my side.
    Do join the cruise party and be ready for some fun
    18th Birthday Invitation.

  • I'll be eighteen soon
    'N' no more in dependence
    I guess it's time to be rebellious
    And celebrate this transcendence
    With lots of fun
    But not without your presence.

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  • 21st Birthday Invitation Wording
  • 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Samples
  • He has come to the legal drinking age. So, let's have a cocktail party on (name of the celebrator)'s 21st birthday.

  • He is the new hot guy in the town. Watch out as my brother (name of the celebrator) throws his 21st birthday bash.

  • Can't believe he has grown up so much! It's his 21st birthday, so please join us for a disco party.

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  • 30th Birthday Invitation Wording
  • It's great to party under the sun Surely it'll be filled with fun Get your swimsuits ready I'll be throwing my party.
    It's my 30th birthday!

  • (name of the celebrator) is finally reaching the 30 yard line.
    Come out to cheer him on!

  • I believe that age is just a number But I couldn't help but wonder It's my 30th year on earth A lot has happened since my birth. I want to celebrate this day with you I hope you can come.

  • 40th Birthday Invitation Wording
  • Fabulous 40 is finally here
    Let's celebrate (name of the celebrator) with lots of fun and cheer.

  • Cheers to 40 years
    Celebrate this major milestone
    For (name of the celebrator)
    With dinner, drinks and dancing

  • Turning forty isn't easy
    In fact it makes some feel rather queasy
    Please join us to honor (name of the celebrator) as she turns 40 years young
    And help us to carry her over the hill

  • 50th Birthday Invitation Wording
  • 1st Birthday Invitation Wording Samples
  • Please join me as I celebrate
    fifty golden years of my life
    with food, beer, music and dance.
    Inviting you to share in the joy at
    my 50th birthday party!

  • You're warmly invited to celebrate
    with me as I complete
    50 golden years of my life
    Do join in for the cocktails and dinner!

  • Look who's 50!
    Please join us as we celebrate (name of the celebrator) 50 years of excellence!

  • 60th Birthday Invitation Wording
  • Celebrating the 60th birthday of your loved one is the most emotional events. Make it special by sending your guests special invitation cards. Compose your thoughtful invitation cards with 60th birthday invitation wording.

  • Turning 60 isn't that bad
    (name of the celebrator)
    is celebrating her birthday
    and we are glad!
    You are cordially invited to the golden birthday party of (name of the celebrator)

  • A whiff of the apple pie
    and the smell of stew
    It always reminds me
    of you!
    Grandma, you are the best,
    So let's celebrate
    her 60th birthday!

  • Guess what?
    Another year has passed.
    Join us for a party
    as my mum is turning sixty.

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  • Surprise Party Invitations Wording
  • Surprise! Surprise!
    The champagne is poured
    The table is set
    It's a surprise party he'll never forget!

  • A terrific party is planned
    with birthday candles to blow,
    but don't tell the Birthday Girl,
    because she doesn't know!
    Join us for a
    Surprise 30th Birthday Party

  • It's a surprise so don't be late!
    Please join us for a terrific surprise birthday bash
    honoring (name of the celebrator) 45th birthday!