Birthday Messages for Daughter

People say You are my shadow but I feel you are my heart. Happy Birthday sweety!
This day is the most memorable day of my life as you completed our family on this day. Happy birthday little princess!
I was more a man before you were born but after you came in our life I became a father. You are the best daughter in the world. Happy Birthday dear!
I feel so blessed every time I look at you. You are an amazing girl and we are so proud of you. Happy Birthday our princess!
Happy Birthday to my amazing daughter who knows how to make everything right. Love you lots. Stay blessed!
To a Wonderful Daughter
You're everything a parent could wish for...
smart and sensible, dependable and honest,
kind and caring...
and a daughter who's loved so very much!
Happy Birthday
For a very special Daughter on your Birthday
Sending you warm,
sunny wishes and
bunches of birthday hugs!
Any parent would be proud to have a daughter like you.
A daughter who has such good values and
such a willingness to be there for others.
You make the world a more wonderful
place just by being you.
Happy Birthday Love Always.
A daughter is the best thing
that can happen to you
because a daughter fills your heart with love,
That's the kind of daughter you are.
Happy Birthday
To the sweetest Daughter
Diamonds shine but
Daughters like you glow.
Here's a loving birthday
with for the Daughter
Who lights up our lives day after day.
Happy Birthday Daughter
A daughter is special gift
To treasure all life through.
And there could never be a gift
As wonderful as you
And though it may have all been said
So many times before
No other precious Daughter
Could be loved and eared for more.
Your birthday brings the perfect chance
to really let you know
just how much you always mean
to those who love you so.
A daughter is a blessing
A treasure for all time
You laughter warmth and loving
Make me proud that you are mine.
With every year that passes
You're more special than before
Through every stage and every age
I love you even more.
Such special daughter
Deserves a lovely day
One that's bright and wonderful
in every single way
With love on your birthday
Sending wishes
For a beautiful day
To a Daughter
Who is special
In every way!
A daughter is
Someone you
LAUGH with...
DREAM with...
With all your
I'm glad there's you to smile at me
And brighten up my day
To share my thoughts and understand
The things I do and say.
I'm glad there's you to laugh with me
At ordinary things
To show me what is special
In everything life brings.
I'm glad there's you to be with
And I think it's time you knew
Just how happy you have made me
And how glad I am there's You!
Daughter you're wonderful..
Wishing you a very happy birthday
to a daughter who is always special and
loved very much.
Having you as my daughter is
my greatest accomplishment — and
I didn't even do a thing.
You did it all,
just by being you.
Happy birthday, sweetie!
To our beloved daughter,
today we are celebrating the best gift that we have ever received and that is your birth.
Thank you for being a blessing into our life.
Happy Birthday!
As parents, all we want is for you to grow and become a better person each day.
May you touch the life of so many people and be an inspiration and a blessing to them,
the way you are to us.
Happy birthday to the
most wonderful daughter in the world!
Dear daughter, may you always stay happy and healthy… That way, you can still take care of us when we become old. Happy Birthday.
This day is very important for us and to everyone who knows you, our dear daughter! You are such an amazing person and on your birthday, we wish you all the best things in life.
You will always be mommy and daddy’s little baby.
Happy birthday, sweetie! .
You’ve been waiting for this day, all year long!
Happy birthday, princess.
No matter how old you are,
to me you will always be my little girl.
Have a brilliant Birthday!
Wishing that your Birthday marks the beginning of an amazing year full of bright and cheerful moments.
Happy Birthday to You.
Sending Birthday wishes to a person, who is no less than an angel from above May this birthday be a special day for you in every way.
Words in any language can't describe how thankful I am for having you.
You are my princess, hankful I am fomy light, hankful I am fo my source of gladness.
Happy Birthday my beloved daughter!
The gift of life is so precious, and so are you.
Happy Birthday!
Wishing that you get all the joy that your heart can hold and the smiles that your special day can bring.
Happy birthday!
Wishing that you get all the joy that your heart can hold and the smiles that your special day can bring.
Happy birthday!

Last Updated: 20th Feb, 2018