Kids Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are an integral part of birthday celebrations as the cutting of the birthday cake is regarded as the symbol ofjoy and happiness. Scented birthday candles and other exotic birthday toppings usually decorate the birthday cakes thereby making it all the more delicious. We all love to celebrate our birthday especially the kids.
You can also take some initiative to refer to some online kid birthday cake recipes or follow the kid's birthday cake recipe books to make your own kid birthday cake.

There are number of kid's birthday cakes that you can come across, such as:

Dog Birthday Cakes:

If your kid is a dog lover then a dog birthday cake would surely make him or her feel happy. You can either book a dog birthday cake or can refer to dog birthday cake recipes online or in the form of a book for preparing homemade cakes. You can get the dog birthday cake decorated in a very stylish way in order to grab the attention of the kids.


Butterfly Birthday Cake:

Birthday cakes in shape of butterflies really attract kids. You can also place small edible butterflies on top of the birthday cake. Try to choose such a color for butterfly birthday cake that presents a real look of a butterfly.

Butterfly Birthday Cake


Barbie Birthday Cake:

This birthday cake would be the best option for all the birthday girls. Girls have always admired Barbie dolls and cutting a Barbie birthday cake will surely make them happy.

You can choose flavors like strawberry, pineapple and vanilla for Barbie birthday cakes, as the birthday girl will surely like these flavors.

Barbie Birthday Cake


Apart from the above there can be several other kid birthday cakes that you can decide for your kidís birthday party.