Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthdays are always special and if it is of a kid, then it has to be doubly special since kids themselves are the most wonderful creature created by God on this planet. The essence of the birthday lies in its theme and decorations followed by other criteria's and cake forms the most important ingredient of the entire menu. It has to be planned intricately considering the theme of the party and according to the interest of the child. Some of the cake ideas have been briefly laid down below to help you with decision making process –

The number birthday cake:

Number birthday Cake is the most common type and mostly used to represent the first birthday of your kid. It is very simple idea and even simple to bake with lot of icing and cream but can be beautifully designed and decorated to create magic amongst the kid.

The number birthday cake


Teddy bear or Santa Claus cake:

Kids love Santa and teddy bear as well. They will really admire this type, Just kepp a watch so that they don't attempt to hug it. Lot of icing and cream along with bright colored decorations will really make it attractive for them.

Teddy bear or Santa Claus cake


Train Cake:

If your kid is fascinated about train then you can plan out a coo – chuk –chuk train cake. One coach after the other can be decorated with different colors made of colored fondants along with wafer biscuits, ice cream cones for different parts of the train. This detailed recipe will ultimately stand out and really loved and relished by your kid as well as other children.

Train Cake


Cheeseburger Cake:

This type looks like a cheeseburger, one of the favorite dishes of your child made of plenty of sweet items to make it sugary, fruit slices candy resembling the vegetables, brownie and lot of sugar candies.

Cheeseburger Cake


Pizza Cake:

Just make a cake of pizza shape of yellow color to mesmerize their eyes and mouth watering with the help of candies and jellies.

Pizza Cake


Castle cake:

Your kid is no less than a prince or princess, so make them feel privileged with specially designed castle cake for them. Just a three tier cake, one layer tucked one after the other made with lot of cream and icing at the top. You can use some cones or tooth picks to design the tower at the top to create that magic of castle.

Castle cake


Creature cake:

A dinosaur, fish, a dragon, monkey or any other creature cake, whichever interests your child the most is another great idea for his/her birthday. You can design it with cereals like peanut or use just chocolate cupcakes and brownies with lot of butter cream and icing to create that irresistible taste.

Creature cake


Swimming pool:

If your child is athletic, you can even choose to design a swimming pool to inspire his interests. Lot of white chocolates or blue jelly for water with candies around it for floats and white icing dyed with green for grass around the water. Few colorful doughnuts set for creatures inside the water to create that original effect of swimming pool. It will be a real fun for your child to guess the idea and identify the different colorful items.


Farm or zoo cake:

Animals always interests your kid, so this birthday you can even plan their thematic party with cakes of similar flavor to add to their enjoyment. A zoo or a farm cake with lot of animals created of brownies, doughnuts or jellied dyed with colors will be an interesting proposition for your kid and his/her friends.

zoo cake


Even small cookie cakes and individual cupcakes carved of different small shapes like party hats, balls, I guess would be an interesting idea and loved by children. They can be baked at home or ordered at your nearest bakery shop.


Kids Birthday Invitation Wording

Calling all cowboys, spurs,
ropes & cowboy hats.
Saddle up
Don't forget your chaps!
Come celebrate our buckaroo,
(Name) is turning TWO!
Loads of color and, lots of sweet let's make her birthday a wonderful treat. We invite you to our daughter's birthday party on (date).
After 12 months in the minor leagues
is hitting the big O-N-E!
Hi! I'm turning two - please come at my birthday party and share the joy.
You are invited at the birthday party of our little angel as she is turning five.
You are hereby cordially invited at the birthday celebration of (name). Please be there to extend your wishes and share the joy.
I learned to laugh and squeal,
then sit and stand.
Now I can walk if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun...
Look out, I'm turning ONE!
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Last Updated: 18th July, 2018

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