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Birthday Invitation Ideas

Birthday Invitation Cards
A great birthday party is incomplete without an equally exciting invitation. Not only is the party invitation, the first step to the big birthday bash it also lets your guests know, that a fun day is lined up for them! The birthday party can be for your young kid, teenage kids or an elder in the family, and accordingly we are sharing with you some awesome birthday invitation ideas. So choose the one that best suits you!

Birthday Invitation Ideas for Kids:

We all know that special day like a birthday is best enjoyed by kids. If you are a parent of a little one and are hosting a birthday bash for your child you can choose from variety of birthday invitation ideas.

  • This may include invitation created around popular nursery tales like ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. The invitation card can be sent accompanied with tortoise and hare shaped chocolate, which kids would love! Another idea that would work beautifully would be cupcakes with a colourful and edible spider on top along with a Little Miss Muffet themed birthday invite complete with the customary invitation card.

  • You can look at sending invite in a unique way by scribbling personalised invitation on chalkboard. These invites can be sent along with sweetened candy pebbles or sugar lollipops.

    Birthday Invitation Ideas for Teenagers:

    Kids have specific ideas around their birthday especially when they are teenagers!

  • If you are throwing a birthday party for your teenage daughter, a great idea is to send invites in a mason jar. This idea would work very well if you are hosting a beach themed party by the pool or a small spa themed birthday party. The Mason jar can have miniature beach slippers and the invitation tucked in the Mason jar, or sea salt filled Mason jar if the party theme is spa. We assure your daughter and her friends would love it to core.

  • A Harry Potter themed birthday with an owl cut out would be just great and would be enjoyed by all.

  • An interesting idea for your teenage son can be a hipster’s party. The invite can be sent along with a cute bowtie along with a CD with 80’s music. This party would rock for sure.

  • A great birthday invite can be created around NBA. Pick up the mascot of the team that your son supports and order a theme based cake around it. The invite can be designed with the mascot and can be sent along with NBA jerseys.

    Birthday invitation Ideas for Adults:

    There are numerous ideas that you can look at while planning birthday for adults, of course appropriate with the age group.

  • A sail boat party for adults, especially men is a great birthday idea. You can have an invite cut-out with sail boats and the works. It is a great way to indulge in some fun and soak up in the sun and sand on your day!

  • Women can indulge in a tea party themed birthday party. The birthday invitation can be in the form of a charming tea pot which can be hand painted! This is something that would work out very well.

  • Men can also look at a Golf party invite where they can look at spending the day at the golf course. A Las Vegas themed party complete with invite in the form of playing cards is another great idea!

  •  A great birthday night with a cocktail party invite is also a great concept to unwind with your girls.

    Birthday Ideas for Elderly:

    The birthday for your parents or other elderly should be fun too!

  • A fun way to celebrate birthday of your oldies is throwing a surprise birthday party and sending a surprise invitation way in advance. This would work for both men and women.

  • An exciting birthday invite can be with the an old picture of the person on the invitation card

    These are some of the ideas that you can incorporate while conceptualising an invite and make the most of it!

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