Birthday Invitation Wording

We can't believe our little child has turned One!
Come help us celebrate the special day with a cheerful party
You're warmly invited to our baby's
First Birthday celebration!
Gear up for a special treat, and lots of fun and enjoyment, because I'm turning One, and you'll be a guest of mine!
Our bundle of joy is turning 1 on (date); please be at his/her birthday to shower your blessings.
Birthday invitation wording
She has completed year one and celebrating her first birthday. Please be there to wish the birthday girl a very ‘happy birthday'
Our little child is turning one It is and occasion for us to have fun Your gracious presence is requested To join us at the grand celebration.

Calling all cowboys, spurs,
ropes & cowboy hats.
Saddle up
Don't forget your chaps!
Come celebrate our buckaroo,
(Name) is turning TWO!
Birthday invitation wording
Loads of color and, lots of sweet let's make her birthday a wonderful treat. We invite you to our daughter's birthday party on (date).
After 12 months in the minor leagues
is hitting the big O-N-E!
It's my birthday and time to celebrate with a cake a lot of fun! Any way you slice it, we'll have a real good time. So, come over to join in the hoopla! You are warmly invited for a cool birthday bash!
Birthday invitation wording
There's a big Birthday Party you just can't skip we'll have junk food & games, ice cream and cake, what fun it will be. And we can't celebrate without you!
Hi! I'm turning two - please come at my birthday party and share the joy.
You are invited at the birthday party of our little angel as she is turning five.
You are hereby cordially invited at the birthday celebration of (name). Please be there to extend your wishes and share the joy.
I learned to laugh and squeal,
then sit and stand.
Now I can walk if you hold my hand.
But the fun has only just begun...
Look out, I'm turning ONE!

16th Birthday Invitation Wording
Growing up is so much fun
I'm sixteen and now it's my turn
Help (name of the celebrator) celebrate her 16th birthday in style.
Here is an invitation to all friends. Our darling daughter is turning eighteen, so let's come together to make this birthday a special one for her.
We are gathering to celebrate (name of the celebrator)'s (age)th birthday. Join us as we party all evening.
This is the time to rebel and have a life of endless hopes. Please help us celebrate the (age)th birthday of (name of the celebrator).
It's that time in the year when we say happy birthday to (name of the celebrator). Come join us for his/her 16th birthday.

No more toffees, candies and toys
Its time for makeup, parties and boys.
(name of the celebrator) is turning sixteen
Now's the time for a birthday party
that's never been seen.
Growing up is so much fun
I'm sixteen and now it's my turn
Help (name of the celebrator) celebrate her 16th birthday in style.
No more toys and pigtails, (name of the celebrator) is turning 16 and we are planning the biggest birthday party ever! Come and join us for a dance and
dinner party.
Happy 16th birthday invitation wording
Come share a day full of fun
(name of the celebrator) is turning 16.
A celebration is in order
and we'll make it
a big one for her.

I'll be eighteen soon
'N' no more in dependence
I guess it's time to be rebellious
And celebrate this transcendence
With lots of fun
But not without your presence.

Once am all of eighteen
My father will let me drive his limousine
And that day is not so far!
So let's see you there in your best avatar.
We'll celebrate my adulthood
With song, dance and the best of food.

Can't believe he has grown up so much! It's his 21st birthday, so please join us for a disco party.
He has come to the legal drinking age. So, let's have a cocktail party on (name of the celebrator)'s 21st birthday.
You get a chance to be twenty one only once. So, let's get together for a fun filled evening.
He is the new hot guy in the town. Watch out as my brother (name of the celebrator) throws his 21st birthday bash.
Happy 21st B'day wishes
My good friend (Name of the celebrator) is turning twenty-one. Come join us for a poolside birthday celebration.

( Name of the person) is turning 30
It’s indeed great
We have planned out a bash
On that particular date
Join us at the 30 th birthday party of ( name of the person) !!

It's great to party under the sun Surely it'll be filled with fun Get your swimsuits ready I'll be throwing my party.
It's my 30th birthday!

50th Birthday Invitation Wording

50th Birthday Please join me as I celebrate fifty golden years of my life with food, beer,music and dance. Inviting you to share in the joy at my 50th birthday party!
She has spent five decades in spreading love and warmth. Now it is our turn to make her birthday a special one. We invite you to our grandmother's birthday party.
You're warmly invited to celebrate As I complete 50 golden years of my life Do join in for the cocktails and dinner!
Turning 60 isn't that bad
(name of the celebrator)
is celebrating her birthday
and we are glad!
You are cordially invited to the golden birthday party of (name of the celebrator)
A whiff of the apple pie
and the smell of stew
It always reminds me
of you!
Grandma, you are the best,
So let's celebrate
her 60th birthday!
Guess what?
Another year has passed.
Join us for a party
as my mum is turning sixty.
She has crossed six decades of a very successful life. Join us as we wish my granny many more years of happiness.

My grandpa is 75
And still going strong
Let's celebrate his birthday
With wine, caviar and a song!
Our (name of the celebrator) turns 75 soon
And we say there's a party on the sea-shore
Beheld by stars and the moon
As friends, family 'n' revelers galore!
Come join the celebration
of my dear friend's 75TH birthday (name of the celebrant)
coming Sunday with family and friends.
There's lots to cheer, and lots to hear
As Aunt (name of the celebrator)
Wears her platinum gear
We'll be drinking and making merry
Dancing wild and shouting loud
With no hearts so heavy 'n' no faces so weary
So come join the crowd!
It's spring! It's spring!
Birds are chirping and flowers blooming
Let's not forget another occasion we're celebrating
Our dancing daddy turns 75
And we're all singing, dining and grooving!