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Turning older isnít something to be happy about. So I will not add to your misery when that day actually comes. Happy birthday in advance.
All of your friends will be there for you on your special day, but not your best friend. However, your best friend will be there for you throughout the year, but not your friends. Itís really hard for me to miss your birthday. I hope youíll understand. Advance Happy Birthday!
Friends remember each othersí birthday on time. But the best of friends remember each othersí birthday well in advance. Happy birthday.
Better early than late, especially when it comes to wishing my best mate. Happy birthday.
I am going to beat Facebook and my iPhone to wish you a happy birthday before they can give me reminders.
For everything else in my life, I may be late and lazy. But for my best friendís birthday, I will always be before time. Happy birthday.