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Birthday Gift Ideas

We at DGreetings have come up with numerous ideas for birthday gifts, for everyone in your life. Friends, relatives, significant others, young kids, old kids – you can find ideas for all of them here. Some of our categories include:

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

If the birthday of someone SPECIAL in your life is around the corner, then gear up and get hold of a great romantic birthday gift. A romantic birthday gift ideas, as we all know, is filled with the fragrance of passion, and is a stream of love and affection that flows from one heart to other. Romantic Birthday Ideas assists you in finding just the perfect way to make that certain someone fall in love with you all over again. Given below are some of the Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas bound to spread the brightest of smiles.

Flower gifts

Flowers as signs of love are as communicative and as eloquent as words, if not more. In fact, where words fall short and fail to express the deepest marrows of heart, fresh blooms in vivid colors express them much more beautifully.

Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry.gifts are is always cherished. From centuries, its gifted to someone speacial or dear one on special occasions like Birthdays ,weddings &,anniversary.From silver, sterling silver, platinum, gold, diamond to cubic zirconia jewelry, the possibilities of jewelry gifts are endless. classic jewelry.

Birthday Gift Ideas Boyfriend

The best birthday gift ideas for boyfriend are gadgets that they can make good use of and even play with! Other popular men's birthday gift ideas can be: space shooters, mechanical robots, shower radios, sports watches, digital cameras, mini table tennis, desk darts, ice crushers, puzzles and brain teaser games, sports shoes, gym wear, computer accessories, fitness products and apparel, mini Digital Camera, electric shaving set, desktop Air Conditioner, tone touch-screen Calculator and monthly planner, drinking (cocktail) games, alcohol sensors, Computer extension cable, Stop Watch, bedside FM radio alarm clock, Wall Clock, Key Chain cum Bottle Opener and miniature Golf putting set.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is the person whose very presence brightens up your world, whose single smile takes you to the seventh heaven, and whose words are a comforting melody for you. She is the special lady in your life, and her birthday is the perfect excuse for letting her know how much you feel. With a simple present you can make her sense how special she has been to you and how lovely she has made your life. Your girlfriend is sure to treasure any gift given by you, but wouldn't it be better to give her something to reflect your concern? The gift need not be an expensive one, and you can put aside the more romantic ones for Valentine's Day. For her birthday, go for something sweet enough to make her beam with affection with great Birthday gift ideas for girlfriend.

Jewelry is always first on the list when it comes to gifting a woman. So consider if she prefers the ornate designs or the elegant ones and get her a pendant or a bracelet with her initials.

Cosmetics come next in a lady's preference list. A personalized make up box would be welcome by any girl. Chocolates work wonders on women. So gift her box of assorted flavors to give her sweet tooth an ardent tingle. A personalized wine bottle with her name on the label is the perfect toast fro your girlfriend’s birthday.

Flowers are a wonderful way of letting her know that you care. A big bouquet with her favorite flowers is sure to perfume her day. If you are wondering when to propose your lady for marriage, there couldn’t be a better occasion than her birthday! A romantic dinner and a lovely ring to ask her hand will moisten her eyes for sure and would make the best gift she has ever received. The special woman in your life deserves something special on her birthday. So whatever you choose for her birthday present, just make sure that it is an expression of your love for your lady.

Inexpensive and Homemade Birthday Gifts

A birthday is always a special occasion. Hence, as a friend or philosopher or guide, it is your moral responsibility to cheer up the birthday boy/girl to his/her heart on this day. Birthday brings you the memories of that wonderful bond you shared with your friends and beloved over the years.

A homemade birthday gift is the best way to reach across your friends or close ones and it shows how much you still care for him and love him. Your sister, friend or brother may be far away from you, but you can surely bridge the gap with unique homemade birthday gifts.

Hand made gifts at home are always very dear because they are laced with great care and love on behalf of the sender to the recipient and if it's an occasion of birthday these gifts have to be matchless.
So here's sharing with you some homemade birthday gift ideas as-

1. Cakes --- A birthday cake decorated with sprinklers and candies on the top is a great homemade gift for your dear one on his/her birthday. You can also add a personal message to make it look more unique. Heart shaped cookies are an excellent homemade gift for every occasion.

2. Greeting Cards --- Hand made greeting card with a special poem or personalized messages inscribed on it goes a long way to strengthen the bond you share with the birthday boy. It’s also the right time to show that you truly value him and continue to stand by him through all thick and thin. As a matter of fact, greeting card enables a person to freely express his or her untold emotions and feelings for the recipient.

A holiday as a 21st Birthday Gift Idea will be remembered forever! So gifts don’t have to start and stop with a crate of beer or personalized bottle! Jackets, T- shirts, caps and even hand bags with eye catching captions and designs as per individual choice should do fine as well.

Gift a silk necktie or elegant cufflinks to that 21 year old chap, he will love it

Cut your coat according to your cloth (plan the birthday gift ideas according to your budget)

1.) If your budget is somewhere around $1 to $10, the best gifts that you can take to a party are a bouquet or a box of good chocolates. If you are thinking about your girlfriend’s birthday gift – think of a locket on platinum that hinges open to show a picture of you two. Get a Pizza Hut voucher otherwise or satisfy yourself with a Shoppers’s Stop or Pantaloon gift voucher. You could even gather the choicest of DVDs or MP3 CDs from stores like Music World. Oops! To give the best ever gift – you could even hop into a ‘Crossword’ store to pick up books from the innumerable options. Did you forget about an yummy delicious cake for that matter along with a bunch of roses? A Ferro Rocher or a Temptation treat from Cadbury’s might also suit the desire.

2.) If your budget is within the $10 to $200 range, the best gifts you can buy with this are glass stands and crystal mementos. The other options cold vary from –

Assorted Packages of Dried Fruit in a Tin or Decorative Box
Serving dish that complements kitchen decor
House plant or small indoor tree
Current issues of 3 or 4 Different high-class magazines tied with a gigantic bow
Philips DVP5960/37
Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse
LG Chocolate VX8550
Apple iPod Nano 8GB
Cosmetic sets and luxury spa sets are all time hits for women. With a little search, you could find personalized soap bars with the birthday girl's name embossed.
50's Strapless Satin Long Gown Bridesmaid Prom Dress

3.) If your budget is around $500 to $1000
, the gifts that you can buy are a Canon Handycam, Sony Handycam or a Samsung LN-T4665F. the other options could be –

Garmin Nuvi 660
Philips SoundBar HTS8100
Sonos Digital Music System
Sharp LC-32D43U
You might also sponsor a stay of 6 days 7 nights to Goa or similar desired destinations for a relaxing holiday. Choose a premium wine to add class to your gift.

4.) If your budget is $1000 to $2000, you could try giving a diamond ring from D’damas or a diamond pendant for that matter. An Armani Suit can also be your choice. You can also present a Sony Home theatre.

5.) If your budget is $2000 to $5000, try giving a wall painting by an well-known artist. Panasonic Viera could be another choice.

6.) If your budget is $5000 to $10,000 – gift an entire diamond set. Or set out to make the best wardrobe by designer selections.

7.) If your budget is above $10,000 – The easiest gifts could be a Cartier, Rado or an Omega watch.

Well... that was the innumerable gift items that could be managed suiting the size of your pocket. Make sure you don’t make a hole in it. More so to that fact, you can also try to become another Anil Ambani if you have all the means to buy a super luxury yacht for your wife. The junior Ambani bought his wife Tina a super luxury yacht (the price was pegged at around Rs 400 crore only). Do you plan such a mega gift for any of your near ones? Take a lesson from Mr Ambani for better ideas. After all, it says – 'Many more happy returns of the special day!'

Happy Birthday Gift Ideas

The sweet smell of cakes baking, a room full of balloons, your dear ones hugging you “happy birthday”, and of course the colorful boxes carrying the precious gifts inside – this is how the birthdays are! Those boxes are probably the most awaited part of the birthdays, and be it a little perky kid, or a grave old man, none can stop the sparkle in his eyes as he unwraps to find the dear gift inside. Here are some ideas to help you chose the loveliest gift for the birthday person.

The grooviest gifts are the personalized ones. You can personalize anything from a photo frame to a candy bar. A wine or a beer bottle with the birthday person's name on the label would be the great birthday present. Personalized mugs would complete the set and make the person recall you whenever he takes a sip!

Jewelry is always the most coveted gift for a woman. You can gift the birthday girl a birthstone pendant or a bracelet with her initials carved. Cosmetic sets and luxury spa sets are all time hits for women. With a little search, you could find personalized soap bars with the birthday girl's name embossed. What about a comb-set with gilt borders? Your mom would love unwrapping a crystal dining set or wine set on her birthday.

It would also be a good idea to personalize a bottle of perfume with the pretty woman's picture on the label. Cosmetic boxes or candles are equally good to be welcomed as a cool Happy birthday gifts.

A perfume set or a shaving kit would be just as great. Personalized gifts are probably the most cherished ones – so why not embroider his name on a handkerchief or a cashmere scarf? Your dad can have a classy cocktail shaker, or monogrammed beer mugs for a birthday present. A set of leather bound diaries would also do well for a birthday gift.
The birthday guy would love to have electronic gadgets and toiletries for their birthday. He is sure to adore a personalized beer bottle with his name and picture in the label.
If you want the gift to be really special, order a personalized family tree with framed pictures of your family members dangling lightly from the branches. A designer photo frame with an old family photograph would make a lovely desktop piece. You can even scour the stores for an out–of–print copy of a classic book or a masterpiece painting.

If the birthday person is adventurous enough, it would be a great idea to gift him some thing crazy and wild for his birthday. Plan an off route bike trip, or take him to bungee jumping or scuba diving. This would surely be the coolest gift for the day, and an experience that calls for a thousand thanks!

Gag gifts are superb ones to spice up a birthday party. You can either hunt for a side splitting prank or think of a gift unfit enough to be a hilarious gag. There are stinking flowers, mirrors that distort your face, pens with a vanishing ink… these presents are so funny that one is bound to preserve them!

Handmade gifts are also unique as they carry the warmth of the one who has slaved to make it. You need not be an expert craftsman to make your dear one something. It’s in fact, your effort and concern that counts and even if the gift has ended up in a complete muddle, it would definitely be treasured fondly. A hand painted vase, or t-shirt would be a gift to make the birthday really ‘happy’!
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