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Your husband's birthday is a special event that you'd like to celebrate with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. Your husband might expect you to offer him an exciting gift. You too would probably like to choose something unique to make him feel special on his birthday. Read on to find out what gifts you may offer to your husband on his birthday.

Wine Gifts:
  • On your husband's birthday, gift him a special wine set that includes a wine stopper, a wine glass, and a wine bottle.

  • Find out which is his favorite wine, and your gift is sure to delight your husband.
Plan a Surprise Cruise Dinner:
  • A cruise dinner can serve as a romantic birthday gift for husbands, and it can be even more exciting if it is planned as a surprise.

  • Just choose a location that has spectacular natural scenery, so that you two can enjoy the cruise while eating food that you'll simply relish.

  • Sports Gifts:
    • If your husband enjoys sports, give him a set of sports equipment or accessories that would surely please him.

    Technological Gadgets:
    • If your husband loves technology and gadgets, buy him a laptop, a DVD player, or a camera that he can add to his gadget collection.

    Silk Tie:
    • A silk tie can add elegance to your husband's dressing style and make him look professional. So, get a silk tie as the birthday gift for your husband. Your husband would love to receive such a classy gift from you.
    Perfumes For Your Husband:
    • A perfume with a special fragrance can serve as the best birthday gift for husbands. Ask your husband what kind of scents he prefers so that you can choose the best perfume for him.


    30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

    A 30th birthday is indeed a milestone for most people. By the time they have reached 30, they may have built a career, bought a home, and started a family as well. So, a 30th birthday gift for husbands should actually focus on his current life scenario.

    Plan Recreational Activities:
    • If your husband loves to indulge in recreational activities, plan some exciting activities for him, such as camping, skiing, or snowboarding. While you plan outdoor activities for your husband, buy him some accessories as well.
    • Some of the accessories could be hiking boots, a compass, and binoculars. These items will have use after the trip and actually make the outdoor trip easier.

    Enroll in Special Classes:
    • You and your husband can take classes in cooking, dancing, or photography at a local community center. While you learn new skills, try experimenting with recreational activities on your own.
    • You may join the gym with your husband and workout to get in better shape. This way you'll get to spend some time together as well.
    Memories Photo Album:
    • An album with photos of special memories can be a cherished birthday gift for husbands. You can purchase a blank photo album and insert photos of the special memories you share with your husband.
    • Alternatively, you may get photos of your husband since his early years till the day he turns 30, and include them in the album. Your husband will love to have such a thoughtful photo album.

    Gift Baskets:
    • A gift basket full of chocolates and candies will make that perfect birthday gift for husbands. If you'd like to incorporate his hobby into this gift, you may choose a gift basket full of accessories related to his hobby. For example, you can buy a gift basket with gardening tools, which can be very useful to your husband if he has a green thumb.
    Floral Birthday Cakes:
    • Since it's your husband's 30th birthday, why not give something unique? You could choose a floral birthday cake, which looks like a bouquet of flowers arranged in the shape of a birthday cake.
    • Place a few candles on top of the cake and light them to make your gift look fantastic. Choose bright and colorful flowers that reveal your message to your husband on his special day.
    Personalized Birthday Clock:
    • Personalized clocks are common birthday gifts available in online stores. These clocks can be customized with a special text such as "Happy 30th birthday".

    40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

    The 40th birthday, just like the 30th birthday, is a milestone. So, the celebrations and the gifts should actually go with the theme of your husband's 40th birthday.

    A Weekend Trip:
    • A weekend trip to a beach resort or a ski resort can be the best 40th birthday gift for husbands.
    • If your husband is an avid skier, make him feel special by giving him two tickets to his favorite ski resort, so you can accompany him and enjoy .

    A Basket Full of Childhood Items:
    • You may gift your husband a basket full of his favorite toys and games that he cherished during his childhood. Your in-laws can be a good resource for finding the toys and games perfect for his basket.
    Tea or Coffee Baskets:
    • A gift basket with packs of tea or coffee can serve as the ideal 40th birthday gift for husbands. Look for a gift basket at his favorite coffee house. Your husband will surely appreciate such a birthday gift from his beloved.

    Rent a Sports Car:
    • If your husband has a dream of buying a sports car, but he can't yet afford one, rent one for a day and let him enjoy a road trip in the car. He'll surely love the thoughtful gift you've chosen for him.
    Handkerchief Set With Leather Wallet:
    • Cotton handkerchiefs that come in a leather handkerchief wallet can be the best birthday gift for your husband. Just make sure you choose handkerchiefs with colors that your partner prefers.
    • If you're looking for gift ideas for husband's birthday, explore the tips shared here and use them to choose a perfect gift for your partner.