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Choose a perfectly thoughtful gift for the number one woman in your life: your wife! Your gift doesn't have to be expensive she'll appreciate the thought you have put into her gift.

Depending on your wife's personality and her needs, you'll want to choose a practical gift or a fancy gift.

Photo Frame/ Antoque Mirror

For decorative pieces, try a silver photo frame or a beautiful antique mirror.


Most women love to be pampered, and your wife is no exception. Buy her a complete spa gift set with massage oils, essential oils, and other goodies.


Jewelry is a universally loved gift. Pearls and diamonds are a big hit: inscribe her name or both of your names on a piece for her.


If your wife is a working professional, try a leather briefcase or satchel.

Makeup Kit

If she's a social butterfly, give her an accessory she'll love to show off! A sequined purse or beautiful silk scarf would do the drink. If your wife is a fashionista, buy her a high-end makeup kit. The women behind the counters of MAC or Clinique at Nordstrom's or Macy's would be good to consult.

Swarowski Crystals

Swarowski crystals elegantly stylish: a chandelier, cocktail glass set, or candle stands would be beautiful accent pieces for the home. They'll add sparkle to her life and she'll love you for helping make your living area shine.