First Birthday Gift Ideas

When it comes to celebrating the little one's first birthday, gifts play an important role. Having a hard time deciding on a birthday present for baby's first birthday?

To pick a gift for a very special person, who is all of one year old is an exciting proposition as you would want your gift to stand apart from others, right! You have landed at the right place for is a comprehensive greeting portal that offers you greeting cards and some exciting ideas for birthday gifts for babies! Check out our list of top baby gift ideas for baby's first birthday. Choose from practical suggestions, such as personalized clothes, or consider musical and educational toys that encourage development. Some amazing ideas that you would definitely find worthy are listed below -

Gift an Ornament:

It's a special day for the young one; hence the gift must be a treasured one that could be cherished for a lifetime! You can gift a necklace, a bracelet or an anklet to the baby with their name engraved on it.!


Growth Tracker Calendar:

It's a great idea to gift the parents a growth calendar to track the development of the child in their lives. These calendars come in bright colors and designs. You can add your baby's pictures with the details you jot down on his growing up.


First Birthday Hamper:

Gifting a birthday basket looks fascinating. Stuff the basket with loads of goodies to gift the baby a perfect birthday hamper like cute photo frame, a rattle, a bath-toy, baby toiletries, baby blankets, baby wraps, personalized bib, colorful plates etc.


Toddler's Music Set:

All kids love the sound of music! A toddler's music set comes with a mini wave drum, a glockenspiel, and some hand bells collectively gathered in an attractive gift box. So, a music set is an interesting gift option.


1st Tootht Rinket:

You can give the baby a personalized trinket where their parents can preserve their 1st tooth. Choose a silver-plated trinket that comes in a gift box placed on a soft pouch, making a special gift not just for the baby, but the parents as well.

Kid's Furniture:

One of the most useful first birthday gift ideas is a rocking chair


Walker Wagon:

A carrier-cum-toy is an ideal gift for a toddler.

While she/he plays and learns to walk with the walker, they can also learn to carry their toys in their cute wagon.


A Musical Story-Book:

The baby surely doesn't know how to read, but she/he can listen to stories and rhymes while flipping through an electronic book. An electronic book is a perfect gift in the tech-savvy world. You can get such speaking books online or at a nearby book/baby store.


Attractive Money Boxes that resemble Toys:

Money boxes are toys that can also be used to safely hold money gifted to a child on his first birthday, day of christening, baptism, etc.

These gifts may come in the form of the engine of a train or as a cute fuzzy animal. You can get a blue one if it's a boy while go for pink if it's a baby girl.

Soothing Nightlight:

Gifting the baby a good night with sweet, starry dreams is a brilliant idea. Nightlights help the babies to sleep more peacefully as it radiates dimly in the room at night,. Some night lights project constellations and stars on the walls; that makes the experience of sleeping for a baby all the more heavenly!

Other very popular gift items for 1st Birthday Gift Ideas are:
  • Books
  • Rocking chair
  • Garden swing
  • Toddler-friendly building blocks.
  • Photo frame
  • Pillow cover and bed sheets
  • Music jingle box
  • Birthday Hat and Cap
  • Picture Book

Last Updated: 8th March, 2017