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First Birthday Cakes

Your child's first birthday is a very significant occasion. Perhaps the child is just too young to understand the hustle and bustle going on in the house to celebrate his/her birthday. But still it is important, as the video recordings done or the snaps taken will be cherished by your child, when he/she grows up. A First Birthday Cakes is a must.

It is also important for you as the baby's first birthday reminds you of all the sweet memories associated with the child's birth.

Interesting first birthday cake is a very important part of the birthday party. The design or the theme of the first birthday cake is most important.

Birthday Cake Ideas

You can actually let your imagination go wild while planning the design of the baby's first birthday cake Ideas.
It can be in the shape of the baby's favorite cartoon character. You can try some interesting first birthday cake designs at home. Here are some innovative first birthday cake ideas for you:

  • Princess birthday cake- This is a very popular first birthday cake idea. All you need to make this cake, are 2 baked round cakes, 1 baked dome cake, cake doll(available at any cake decorating store), food color and gel icing. To make the skirt of the doll, you have to place the 2 round cakes one over the other and the dome cake on the top. Cover the cake skirt with cream. You can add food color to the cream to have a colored skirt. Make the skirt trimming with gel icing. Fix the cake doll on top of the skirt. Finish the cake with gel icing to make lace trims.

  • Butterfly cake- This is another very interesting first birthday cake design. Ingredients needed to make the butterfly cake are a 8 inch round cake, chocolate frosting(2 cups), yellow frosting(2 cup), candies and slices of fruit jelly. First cut the cake into two halves and arrange them on a serving tray with the convex sides facing each other to make the wings. Decorate the wings with candies and fruit jellies. A long shaped jelly can be used to make the tentacles. The butterfly cake is always a hit in any birthday party.

  • A volcano cake- This birthday cake idea is very apt for the first birthday party, specially if its a baby boy. It is not as difficult to make as it appears to be. Things needed to make a fiery looking volcano first birthday cake are a 2 dome cake and 1 cup cake, chocolate icing for the mountain, karo syrup for the fire and red food color. Arrange the cakes to form the mountain and add the chocolate icing on top of it. Melt red candies to make the lava. You can add red food color to the liquid to get the desired color. Pour the molten candy and the karo syrup on top of the cake to make it look like lava. If you are looking for interesting and rare first birthday cake ideas then volcano cake is the best option for you.

    There are several sites on the Internet and various catalogs available in the market that provide interesting ideas and recipes for first birthday cakes. There are also several stores where you can purchase interesting cake decorating items. All you need is a bit of creativity to use them to make a simple cake look fun filled and interesting. Your child may not remember much of the party but its images will leave traces in your child's memories forever. For more details on different kinds of birthday cakes.
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