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Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are the best way to express appreciation and love that you hold for someone special. It's a big day and you certainly want to turn it into a memorable occasion for your loved one. No occasion is better than a birthday that is full of celebration, great presents and warm wishes. This a perfect day to pass on warm wishes to your loved one on their special day and in return thank your friends and family for being there. On this day choose perfect words to let them know how much they are cherished and loved. Birthday wishes can be expressed in a number of ways. They can come across as funny, romantic, friendly, thankful, or heartfelt.

Here are some wonderful bunch of sweet birthday wishes that you can tag along with your birthday present or can pen it down on the birthday card.
Special Birthday wishes
Friendly Birthday Wishes
  • I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday
    and to let you know that in this world,
    where everything seems uncertain,
    only one thing is definite.
    You'll always be my friend,
    beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance.
    Happy Birthday!

  • You're a friend whom I can trust to be always loyal
    and true that there is no greater friendship than the one I share with you.
    Wishing my special friend the best birthday ever.

  • Side by side or miles apart
    True friends are always close to your heart
    Whether you're turning five or fifty-three
    You know that I'm a true friend because you're here beside me
Happy Birthday wishes
Romantic Birthday Wishes
  • Being in love doesn't make me happy.
    It's being in love with you,
    year after year, that does the trick.
    We're one year closer to growing old together.
    It's just what I've always dreamed.
    I never thought we'd make it this far,
    but now I know that we'll keep going forever.
    Happy birthday, baby.

Funny Birthday Wishes
  • On your birthday,
    let me wish you plenty of joy,
    I know you're too old,
    but I still bought you a toy!

  • Growing old is mandatory.
    Growing up, however, is optional.
    Happy Birthday, old friend!

  • In spite of the advances in science,
    we've still found no cure for excessive birthdays.
    Happy Birthday—hope to see you next year!

  • So many blessings,
    So many wishes.
    May you find yourself
    Amidst grace of God
    I wish all your dreams and desire come true
    And you reap happiness in whatever you do
    Happy birthday..

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    Funny Birthday Wishes
Kids Birthday Wishes
  • You are my little angel and no matter how many years pass, you will always be my sweet little angel. I wish you faith, courage and determination to succeed in all walks of life. May you have a great and rocking life ahead. We are always there to support you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
    Unknown quotes

  • Chuck E Cheese's is just a Casino for little kids!
    Unknown quotes
Belated Birthday Wishes
  • Even though this message comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Happy belated birthday.
    Unknown quotes

Girlfriend Birthday Wishes
  • You taught me the meaning of love
    You gave me a world full of happiness
    And on this special day of yours
    I promise to be with you forever
    And may you keep smiling always and ever
    Happy birthday honey..

General Birthday Wishes
  • You're a gift to the world. How's that for a reverse birthday wish?
    Unknown quotes

  • So many candles such a small cake. Next year, may your birthday wish be a bigger cake.
    Unknown quotes

  • It must feel good to see a birthday wish on Facebook from someone you will actually see at your birthday party.
    Unknown quotes

    Girlfriend Birthday Wishes
  • You are a gift to the world. How is that for a reverse birthday wish. Happy Birthday.
    Unknown quotes

  • "Where ever life may take you, whatever endeavors that you choose, I will always be, so very proud of you!"

  • May the candles on your cake
    be the reminders of all the happy memories
    that light up your life

  • Hurry it's a special day.
    Eating ice cream ,candies and chocolate cake.
    It's your birthday, let's celebrate!

2nd Birthday
  • You're the cutest, most adorable one
    On your 2nd birthday
    Here are some hugs, some kisses,
    And lots of wishes that you have an awesome life ahead.
    Happy Birthday little one.

Second Birthday Wishes
13th Birthday Wishes
  • As the days of childhood passed by
    And you step into your teen
    May your life ahead is smooth
    and hope you always win..
    A very happy birthday to you,
    Today as you turn thirteen.

  • With another candle on the cake
    You turn thirteen
    And before you set yourself on a tide
    Wait back and count all the blessings,
    Wherever you go, may you win
    And life offers you plenty reasons to grin...

18th Birthday Wishes
  • Bid farewell to your childhood,
    Talk, dress up, behave and think like a grown up man,
    And most importantly, for a chilling time,
    A thunderous bash you must plan!
    Have an Amazing 18th Birthday

40th Birthday Wishes
  • Luck and time be yours
    May happiness come knocking at your door
    On a day so special
    I send you my wishes warm and gentle
    Happy 40th birthday

  • You're 40 today, with God's grace
    And you still look young and fresh
    sending on this special day,
    My warm wishes to fill up this year with
    Joy,cheer and happiness

65th Birthday Wishes
65th Birthday Wishes
  • As the days pass by
    And months rush into years
    You have turned 65
    And that's a reason to cheer
    May life gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate...
    Happy Birthday to you

Teacher Birthday Wishes
  • You are the mentor who showed me the path
    You are the friend who lead me through thick n thin
    Thus on this special day
    I pray that may your life be filled with
    Eternal happiness n unbending smiles
    For you taugh me the true meaning of life
    Happy Birthday!

Go ahead and brighten the birthday of your near and dear ones with overwhelming birthday wishes. You will surely earn accolades and will be appreciated for your sweet gesture.

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