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Birthday Party Themes

Be it a kid or a grown-up, a birthday party is an awaited event for all. Here are a few Birthday Party themes that could make your parties more exciting! The themes would naturally depend on the age and tastes of the birthday boy or girl.

Themes for a child's birthday party:
1.The party could be focused on the child's favorite cartoon or fairy tale character. The decors, invitations, goodie bags - all could bear cutouts of the theme character to make it a famous birthday party animal make interesting themes.
2.Cutouts of your kid's favorite animal or miniatures of zoo animalswould brighten the party.

3.An alphabet party could be thrown for the toddlers, decorating the party ground with colorful alphabet cutouts. An art and craft theme would keep the kids engaged while they make the craft items.

4.Adventure and mystery makes a thrilling theme for a birthday party.

5.Pirates or witches as themes are ideal for kids.
6.An interesting theme for little girls can be ‘Alice in Wonderland' theme. For this theme, get the little one dressed in Alice costumes; ask the guests to come up dressed as any character from the story.

7.Gardening parties are most welcome to the kids, as they get to plant their own saplings as mementos of the day.

For the older birthday boys and girls, the themes need to be a little different:

1.Casino is a common theme for adult's parties. You can even arrange a mock casino with plastic coins for the guests to play. 

2.Dress up parties could be arranged. If fashion from the bygone days is the theme, the guests can be asked to dress up according to the fashions of the past decades.

If you have enough space, you can also arrange outdoor themes for beach parties, pool parties and barbeque parties. This would be equally alluring for kids and adults alike. 

The themes for birthday parties could be innumerable, depending on your likings and your imagination. But whatever be your theme, try to make sure that everything in the party, starting right from the invitation cards to the favors and thank you notes, should point to the theme you have selected. 

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