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Aquarius Birthday Horoscope

Aquarius Birthday Cards
Birthday CardBirthday CardBirthday Card
11th Zodiac sign…. its the water bearer…representing the creation of life. Yes, that is Aquarius. The sun in this Zodiac sign stays from January 20th to February 18th. Those born under this sign are the intellectuals who are gifted with many a talent. The Aquarians are naïve people who love musing. But do not mistake them to be chinless wonders. The Aquarians are high fliers who know how get what they want.

But when they get too busy in their own world, the Aquarians begin to face trouble from all fronts. This is when the Aquarians should come out of their shelf and start to mingle with others.

To know more about Aquarius the water bearer read further….
Aquarian Traits:
Intelligent: Aquarians are very smart people, who can make anything work for themselves. Their intellect and their rationality never fail to impress the others they surround.

Enterprising: This attribute is the most diacritical trait of the Aquarians. They are born innovative and simply love to create and take initiative.
Talented: Naturally endowed with the faculty of art and creativity, the Aquarians shine like stars among others in the crowd. They very easily gain recognition because of their talents.

Honesty: The Aquarians can be called the most dedicated of all. Their loyalty is one of their finest qualities. They do not like fooling people and strongly believe in fair dealings. This is what makes them trustworthy.

Know Your Aquarius:
Impulsive: These are spontaneous people who react on their instincts a lot. Aquarians do not think before they jump at things. Regardless of the consequences, the Aquarians are impulsive in everything they do.

Inquisitive: Interrogation is one of their favorite courses of action. To delve deep into the matters is of great interest to them.
Problem 1: Almost void love life.

Solution: Sagittarians should learn to let go. They should realize that holding back their true emotions could get them nothing but disappointments. By putting a mental block on their emotions, Sagittarians often become an individual, which they are not.

Problem 2: Left alone in solitude.

Solution: People ruled by this sign should be more open in accepting others around them. Sagittarians often pick on people, which is the reason why they are left out and ignored. To be accepted by others and to enjoy their company, the Sagittarians should learn to be more humble.

Problem 3: Being at loggerheads with dear ones for not giving them enough time.

Solution: Too much engrossed in their own sweet world, that’s a Sagittarian for you. Always pre-occupied with work, Sagittarians habitually tend not give their families and friends enough time. This, in the long run will have bad consequences. Sagittarians should try and give more time to their family. Thereby, making their relationship stronger and meaningful.

Problem 4: Down with sickness way too often.

Solution: By faking their true emotions and not being what they are, Sagittarians fail to vent their feelings. Which then begins to take toll on their health. Thereby, physically weakening them. Sagittarians are advised to wear their heart on their sleeves, which would not only help them feel good but also find their true identity.

Problem 5: Poor job prospects.

Solution: Sagittarians need to mingle with the others around, more often. This would at least give some chance to know more people and feel positive. They should realize the importance of teamwork and par take in it more efficiently.

Lucky Stone: Amethyst. This stone brings them loyalty in love and also provides the gift of prudence.

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