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21st Birthday Party Ideas

Standing at the juncture of an important stage, your life takes a different turn when you turn 21. It is a stage when the world comes to you with a lot of opportunities and options. Many doors open, which had hitherto been distant to you, a world which till date you had only glimpses of, a world of your dreams.

The age of 21 opens door to a world of freedom where you can enjoy in your own individual world. To top it all, you get a legal sanction to fulfill a lot of your wishes.

It is an age when you get the legal permission for boozing and pubbing with your friends,something you had for days dreamed of. Thus 21st birthday calls for a celebration and these celebrations can be made all the more special with 21st birthday party.

So come along and get to know some fabulous 21st birthday party themes or ideas. Reaching 21 means being 21 forever. Its no ordinary day of your life, as you have always looked forward to it. So your 21st birthday party ideas should be unique and attractive. To begin with this is the age when you get the legal permission to drink in US. So your party can have drinks and alcohol as a primary theme.
Choose some funky swizzle sticks and some attractive drinking glasses, to make your regular drinking affair more attractive. Making your shot glasses out of chocolate is surely an innovative birthday party idea.

To bring in more innovativeness, settle for a martini party idea. Go for the martini fountain game to make your 21st birthday party different from other birthday parties. Your friends will surely copy your unique 21st birthday party ideas.

Next in the list of your 21st birthday party themes should be dresses. The birthday boy/girl should be all decked up so that he/she can be easily identified by guests of the party. Get some helium balloons and tie them on the wrist of the birthday person. This serves as an effective identifier and will help you to stand apart even in crowd and you will bask in the glory of being the center of attraction. Involve the whole party in the game of toga. This will surely be an innovative attempt to make your 21st birthday party memorable. Other than toga party, organizing a fashion show can also be a good option. Where all the guests of the party should come dressed in particular style of clothing. Gifts for this fashion competition or costume contest should also match with the theme of the party.

The party will be incomplete, if the food is not apt. thus the food should be sophisticated yet it should be fun party food. Do not forget to add a doze of alcohol to the food to go with the theme of a 21st birthday party. What better way to celebrate this milestone in your life than to have whiskey all the way. However, your 21st birthday can be non-alcoholic too and yet be unique. Surprise your friends by serving soup in shot glasses or offering nuts in martini glasses. Enjoy the glee on your friends face by serving a hot bowl of beef with dark chilled beer and spiked watermelon salad. Do not forget to garnish your dish with onion slices and green lettuce leaves. Along with taste, the food should be equally attractive to look at also.

21st Birthday Party Games

Games are an ideal part of all 21st part birthday party plans. Try to play a different group game this time with your friends. Have them seated in a circular fashion and play 'interrogation'. In this game, one person looks to a person on his left and asks him a question. That person instead of answering the question turns to his left and asks a question to another person. Thus game continues but it should be kept in mind that no question should be repeated neither should any question be answered. Doing this will disqualify the person from the game. Thus such exciting 21st birthday party games can also make your 21st birthday party a memorable affair for you as well as for your friends.

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