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18th Birthday Party

“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.” – Jean Paul Richter.

The 18th birthday party is a very significant birthday for teenagers. Turning 18 years of age is very special and marks a developmental milestone in people's lives. Turning 18 is more relevant in the United States, where 18 years old marks a legal adult.

Because the significance of turning 18 years old is so great, the 18th birthday party celebrations are just as grandiose.

Party Invitation Ideas:

While organizing an exciting 18th birthday party, the first thing you should do is the 18th birthday party invitations. There are many kinds of 18th birthday party invitations available in the market.

If you are having a simple 18th birthday party, buying a simple invitation card will -

suffice; they are usually simply colored and are written in plain language.

However, if you want a more elaborate and descriptive invitation card, you can have them printed however you want.

A great idea for a 18th birthday party invitation card is to print the birthday person's favorite poem inside the card, along with the formal invitation. If you want to send out more personalized invitations you can make the invites yourself. If the guest list of the18th birthday party is small, making the invitation cards yourself will save money and can be more creative. You can paste your photographs inside and add your favorite quotations too.

Party Themes: Once the invitations are sent, you can think of how you can organize and plan your 18th birthday party. A themed 18th birthday party is a very popular option in which the focus of the entire party is around a central theme. There are many kinds of themes for the 18th birthday party: hippie, childhood, leaving for college, Star Wars, 1960s, pajamas, come as you are, fancy dress, Halloween costume, horror theme, diva, car theme, movie stars theme, etc.

Significance of the Party: Any birthday is very special, but the 18th birthday party is very special for parents because nothing like the 18th birthday party makes them realize that their child is grown up. The 18th birthday party has great sentimental value because many people have left school and are preparing to go to college. They will be leaving their home, friends and family and go somewhere distant to pursue their education, which signifies a great change.

This birthday may be one of the few they will be spending with their parents and other family members for awhile. This is a reason why parents want to throw an amazing 18th birthday party that their children will always remember. The 18th birthday party memories are cherished forever in the hearts of these young adults.

Party Food and Drinks: The food at the 18th birthday party can be anything from Mexican tortillas and fajitas to Chinese noodles and wantons to Italian pizzas and pastas. Whatever it may be, the food should be what the birthday boy/girl and their friends will love. However, since 18 is not the legal drinking age in most countries, the drinks at the party will have to be non alcoholic. You can make creative mocktails instead of alcoholic cocktails as the party drinks.

To know more about birthdays, keep reading through the pages of

18th Birthday Party Ideas

“Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.” ~Jean Paul Richter~
The eighteenth birthday is one of the greatest developmental milestones in one's life. The age of eighteen is a very significant and special age. In many cultures, the 18th birthday is considered an unofficial age of maturity. Eighteen is the age when you slowly begin to transform from a teenager into a young adult.

The 18th Birthday Party Ideas brings upon one of the last years as a teenager and is the harbinger of responsibility. However, this does not at all mean that it's all serious and boring from now on! The eighteenth birthday also opens gateways to a lot of fun activities, many of which have never been indulged before.


18th Birthday Ideas

In many countries, being eighteen officially allows you to do many things which were prohibited and prior to that age. At eighteen years of age, many American and European boys and girls can vote in their country and obtain an official driver's license. Since the eighteenth birthday is such a significant event in most people's lives, the celebration should also be a memorable one with 18th Birthday Ideas. So how about throwing a magnificent eighteenth birthday party? You need to plan ahead to generate great 18th birthday party ideas for the party.

This is the moment many people have been waiting for, to get their hands behind the steering wheel of a car and not be afraid of getting caught! One of the best eighteenth birthday gifts is being presented with a brand new car. For all those who cannot afford such luxurious gifts, an amazing 18th birthday party idea is to have a car themed party. The central focus of the party is cars. To achieve this theme, you can transform your house into a cute garage. The furniture can go through a temporary make over. The sofas and chairs can be -

draped with material to look like car seats. The food area can turn into a swanky garage.

Instead of regular serving dishes, food can be served in car-shaped containers. Because the life of the party is in the music and dancing, you can add some sparkle to your party by replacing a disco ball with a giant rear view mirror. To measure the success of your party, you can place a horn at the exit and tell your guests to show their appreciation by honking it when they leave.

The only bummer at 18th birthday parties is the lack of alcohol because 21 is the legal age for drinking in the United States and many other countries. One of the best 18th birthday party ideas can be serving mocktails and non alcoholic beverages at your party. You can quench your friends' thirst by serving cool non-alcoholic beers, root beers and energy drinks. For a funky twist, create cool mocktails by blending cool fruit and soda mixes or simply imitate your favorite cocktails and remove the alcoholic content from it. Colorful and delicious fruit punches served in large glass bowls are one of the most essential party drinks.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." said Abraham Lincoln. Eighteen is often the age when many girls and boys leave for college, making the age one of the most special birthdays and possibly one of the last spent at home. If you want a quiet affair to capture every special moment, the 18th birthday can be spent in the comfort of your home with family members and a few close friends. However, many young adults may choose a big birthday bash before they leave. To capture unforgettable memories of the eighteenth birthday bash, craft a scrapbook for an excellent 18th birthday party idea! The scrapbook must be passed among all the guest so that they can write down their favorite moments and memories of the birthday boy/girl. Years later when the decorations and music fade from memory, you will still be able to relive the celebration of your youth through this 18th birthday scrapbook

18th Birthday Party Themes

Wow!!! The Eighteenth birthday!!! The Eighteenth birthday holds a special significance in our lives as it marks the beginning of a new world, a world of new hopes and dreams!!! And that's probably the reason why the eighteenth birthday party is a great affair. So if you have a teenager near you whose eighteenth birthday is around the corner then get ready to host a grand birthday party. Dgreetings offers to you some of the 18th Birthday Party Themes. So, settle in and read for fun!!!

Last updated on 27 Feb 2015

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