18th Birthday Invitation


  • I'll be eighteen soon
    'N' no more in dependence
    I guess it's time to be rebellious
    And celebrate this transcendence
    With lots of fun
    But not without your presence.

  • Once am all of eighteen
    My father will let me drive his limousine
    And that day is not so far!
    So let's see you there in your best avatar.
    We'll celebrate my adulthood
    With song, dance and the best of food.

  • Still a little princess or a soon-to-be-queen?
    We can't decide
    Coz she's gonna be eighteen
    Witnessing our daughter stepping in to adulthood
    Is so pleasing
    looking forward to your presence at the party?
    So do join the bash

  • I'm 18 almost and not done irking my neighbors yet.
    Friends do you think you can miss this one?
    The roof is ready for the party,
    So come join the bash as I celebrate my grand 18th in style.

  • The countdown has begun
    Turning 18 is all about fun
    But without you there can be none
    The arrangements are all done
    Am waiting for you to shun your inhibition
    ‘N' not letting this night pass unsung.
    You are cordially invited to join my birthday party to be held this Sunday (date) at (name of venue)

  • She says she's done with the pie and the cookie jar
    And it's time for her to hit the bar
    We agree as she is all grown up and 18 by far
    So she'll not do anything bizarre.
    We want to share our joys with you
    as my daughter celebrates her turn at adulthood.

  • Shhhh! It's time for (name of the celebrator) to turn eighteen And we're not really keen On keeping the house clean!!! So join us for some squid, tart and French fries The party theme? It’s a surprise. All of (name of the celebrator)'s friends, teachers, uncles, auties and cousins out there Do join us

  • It's no more about school
    And ten o'clock sleeps
    It's no more about staying indoors
    And playing with toy jeeps
    Now it's all about growing intense
    And why not?
    Am getting my first driving license!!!!

  • I can hardly contain the emotion of actually growing up.
    I'll be eighteen and celebrating with you by my side.
    Do join the cruise party and be ready for some fun
    18th Birthday Invitation

  • Yes! The time has come
    Am the latest among you to join the bandwagon
    On my way to enigmatic eighteen
    So come and join me on my 18th birthday

18th Birthday Invitation Wording

Your 18th birthday will be a very special one for you, as you are now standing on the threshold of adulthood. This is a time to look back on all of your memories, and to think about the days ahead. It’s also a time that calls for a grand celebration, and a long list of people to receive an 18th birthday party invitation . This invitation should display the energy and charm associated with being a teenager, but also the maturity of an adult.

One great idea is to write an individualized message on each card, to give your invitations a personal touch. If you are skilled in art or poetry, it would be perfect to decorate the invitation with your own artwork or a verse or two.

It's well-known that a poem is capable of expressing untold feelings and emotions, and a birthday is one of the best times for you to show off your talents..

As you can see, inviting your friends and relatives to your 18th birthday celebration will be an opportunity to get creative. Whatever theme you choose for your party, you can use it to create a unique appeal for your invitations. Try putting together some “scrapbook” cards using photos of your childhood, or include little notes and messages written by your friends and close family members. If you have loved ones who live far away, but still close to your heart, an 18th birthday invitation e-card can help you reach out to them.

The invitations you send for your 18th birthday party should reflect your feelings of joy and hope. It's a time in your life when you've reached a milestone, and are on the verge of a new beginning. Therefore, celebrate your 18th birthday with pride, and make it one of the most memorable events of your life.


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