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Birthday Ideas


Your birthday is the most important day in your life. It's a day to be celebrated in such a way that its memories remain fresh for a lifetime…or at least till the next one! Take a sneak peek into some unique birthday gift ideas and celebration ideas.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Nike+ Fuelband –

This wearable gadget from the sportswear giant Nike is a device that can track all your physical activity throughout the day and in a way keeps you motivated to increase the frequency of your workouts. Gift your loved one this fitness partner on his/her birthday.

Designer Dress –

Designer dresses are very popular these days. Top notch designers put their best foot forward in creating the most unique and resplendent dresses to be worn by star celebrities. Obviously in the higher price range, it could make for a perfect birthday gift item, for that once-in-a-year special occasion.

A set of books –

For a voracious reader, nothing can charm him/her better than a set of books. But make sure that you know the favorite genre of the person you will be presenting the books to and buy them accordingly.

Surprise vacation –

Delight your loved one with a surprise vacation to some exotic tourist location which has been long awaited by him/her. Reveal it at the midnight hour when the clock ticks 12 to make it more special for the birthday guy or gal.

Birthday Celebration ideas

Adventure sports –

What could be a better way to celebrate than to take up some adventurous thrilling endeavor like base jumping, sky diving, rafting or scuba diving. There are numerous adventure sports organizers who offer safe adventure packages that you can enjoy.

Mind & soul rejuvenation –

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and head towards a tranquil spa resort or serene holiday destination, for some peace and quiet, and refreshing rejuvenation.

Hit the road –

Pack your bags, get your food stock and barrel, get on to your SUV with friends or family and simply hit the road. Make a small stopover on the way, set up your canvas tents, create a bonfire and enjoy every bit of your camping trip. Embrace the journey without thinking of the destination, for the real fun is in the journey itself.

Visiting an orphanage or an old-age home –

Yes, it's indeed that significant day in a year which is meant to be celebrated with near and dear ones. For a change, celebrate it with needful children at an orphanage or senior citizens at an old-age home. They will feel elated to have someone celebrating his/her birthday with them, sharing those little moments of love, care and happiness.


Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

For it's your kids birthday….

Your tiny tot is a year older and it is time to celebrate this special day and sing Happy Birthday songs. The cake is there, the party arranged, but what about the gift that will bring a big smile on that sweet face?

Coming up with new Birthday Gifts for Kids ideas for kids is difficult. They tend to out grow everything. But don't worry any longer. We are here to take care of this problem and present you with some fantastic birthday gift ideas.

Kids Birthday Ideas

Gifts are like the pearls of love as Kids Birthday Ideas. When put together they make a beautiful collection of memories and things. Build a perfect dreamland of gifts for your kid by selecting some innovative and nice Birthday Ideas for Kids and gift ideas for your little boy or girl.


Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Parties

With each year, we become more mature and gain more experience and knowledge. So each birthday demand a different kind of celebration as it celebrate the growing maturity of an individual. Thus, birthday parties ideas will differ every year. A teen age boy/girl will have different birthday party ideas than birthday party ideas of a girl/boy in their twenties or someone at their fifties Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

If your kid's birthday is coming up and you are wondering how to make it special with? Here are a few kids birthday party ideas to make the party exciting.

Kids Birthday Ideas

Barbie would be a wonderful party theme for your little girl. Make the kids come with their favorite Barbies. The kids could be kept engaged in making tiny ornaments for their dolls. You can even arrange a Barbie dress-over. Fill the goodie bags with Barbie stickers and candies. The thank you notes can bear the picture of each child carrying her own Barbie.



Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Birthday Ideas

Nothing can make a person feel more special than someone throwing a surprise birthday party for them. Imagine you have no clue that your friends and family are planning a surprise birthday party for you while they are planning it right under your nose! However, throwing a surprise birthday party is easier said than done because one of the hardest things to do in a surprise birthday party is keeping it a surprise!

Surprise Birthday Ideas

1.For having a successful surprise birthday party all the organizational aspects should be handled by one or two and at the most three people.

2.A very important thing to plan is the surprise birthday party invitations. The invitations must be made and handed out very carefully. They should be made in such a way that they catch the attention of the guests you are inviting. The most important thing is to make sure that it is clearly written that this is a surprise birthday party and in no way are they to contact the guest of honor for any party details. Make sure to give your phone number and phone numbers of a few other party organizers so the guests can clarify their queries.



Birthday Party Food Ideas

Food is probably the most awaited part of any party. Be it a birthday party or an anniversary celebration, the guests simply look forward for the host to bring in the steaming trays. It is therefore really important for the host to decide what he would be serving to his guests for the party with Birthday Party Food.

The menu for a birthday party has to be selected keeping in mind the duration of the party and the age of the guests attending the party. The food to be served to the kids would naturally have to be lighter than those for the grown ups.

Birthday Food Ideas

Here a few suggestions for giving your guests a mouth watering treat with yummy Birthday Food Ideas.
  • A variety of salads, dips, cakes and ice cream would do well for all ages.
  • Finger food is the best for a birthday party. Meat balls and cheese trays are easy to serve if space is a constraint in the party place.


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