Bhai Dooj 2017


In simpler terms, Bhai Dooj is described as an awesome festival of the land of festivals that is India. This festival celebrates the beauty of a lovely relationship between a brother and a sister. Bhai Dooj is mainly celebrated on the final day that is the fifth day of the Diwali celebrations. The term ‘Dooj’ suggests that Bhai Dooj falls on the second day after the new moon day that means two days after the powerful celebrations of Diwali. It is difficult to describe the amazing brotherly-sisterly lovely relationship through words. And this wonderful festival of Bhai Dooj aptly celebrates the beauty and the warmth of an affectionate relationship of a brother and a sister. On this sacred day, the sisters make their brothers feel special in every possible way. This occasion is meant for strengthening the lovely bond between the siblings. Sisters apply tilak on the forehead of the brothers and it is said that this tilak is so powerful that once a brother gets this tilak no force in this world can hurl him into the depth of the hell.

Bhai Dooj Date

This year, Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on Saturday, October 21st. It is usually celebrated in the month of Kartik as per the traditional Hindu calendar. As this festival is very close to the Diwali celebrations, the highly energetic festive spirit of the Diwali celebrations continues up to the Bhai Dooj festival. It actually doubles the entire spirit of this auspicious day. This remarkable day is known by different names and is celebrated with tremendous zeal and fervor.

Bhai Duj Calendar

Bhai Duj Dates
Weekday Date Year
Sun Nov 7 Bhai Duj 2010
Fri Oct 28 Bhai Duj 2011
Thu Nov 15 Bhai Duj 2012
Tue Nov 5 Bhai Duj 2013
Sat Oct 25 Bhai Duj 2014
Fri Nov 13 Bhai Duj 2015
Tue Nov 1 Bhai Duj 2016
Sat Oct 21 Bhai Duj 2017

Customs of Bhai Dooj

It is popularly said that the legends and stories associated with each and every single festival of India play a significant role in the formation of their traditions and customs. Similarly, the popular stories of Bhai Dooj have great significance. These stories actually help us in understanding the true meaning of the various festivals as the stories are mainly associated with certain characters of the history. The interesting katha of Bhai Dooj depicts its unique and true presence. The story has been passed from one generation to another, year after year. It is also said that the narration of the Bhai Dooj story actually marks an end to the celebrations of this day. The narration of the katha is considered as an important ingredient of this auspicious day just like performing aarti, applying tilak and exchanging of gifts.

Bhai Dooj Celebrations

Applying tilak (vermilion protection mark) on the forehead of the brothers after performing aarti by the sisters is the most important aspect of the Bhai Dooj celebrations. The sisters pray for the long life and for the protection of their brothers. After performing all these rituals, the sisters treat their brothers with sweets and gifts. The brothers in return, make a promise to their sisters to protect her from all her troubles and problems. Some other popular traditions of Bhai Dooj include exchanging of sweets, gifts and narrating the katha of Bhai Dooj.