Arbor Day Games

Arbor Day games are organized by various schools and other organizations, to add some fun to the celebrations. Planting trees and tending them is no doubt an important aspect of the celebration, but some games sure sounds like lots of fun. While arranging the games, there are some things you will have to consider. First, you must take into consideration the age group of the participants and their number; next you must consider the place where you are organizing the game among other things. All these factors will help you in deciding, which Arbor Day games you must arrange for the students.
The games can be about introducing kids to different varieties of trees.

It can also be about how to look after plants of particular types; the game can be about identifying various types of trees, it can be about raising the awareness of the students about trees and the environment. The games are all about making the students aware about tress and the importance of preserving them for our future generations. As part of the games, they can adopt a tree or plant a tree and look after it.

There are various Arbor Day games, which can be arranged during this day. Of course, the games will have to reflect the essence of the daysí celebrations. Some of the popular Arbor Day games are given here:


This is a game where students can increase their knowledge and awareness about trees. The various materials required to, play the games are books about trees, project learning tree, books for tree identification, crayons, pencil, notebook and construction paper. To start the game, ask the students to draw a tree or trees in the paper. After they have finished this, ask them to go out and take a walk in the garden.

Tell them to observe the trees outside, see the similarities and differences, their shapes sizes, color of leaves etc. After they come back to the class, ask them to draw tree or trees once again. Now, compare both the drawings and see how much similarities or differences are there. Next, they can adopt a tree, and find out about its variety from the tree books and then they can write about it if they wish.

Difference and similarity of leaves

This is an interesting game, where students can learn about the different types of leaves. To begin the game, students will have to collect various types of leaves. Next, ask them to put the leaves on the desk and identify them and how find out in what aspects they are alike and in what aspects they are different. They can differentiate it in terms of the shape, size, color, prints and such other characteristics.