Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit organization, that is involved in preservation and education works. The foundation was started on September 3 in the year 1971, with an aim to inspire people to plant, look after and commemorate trees. Till date, the foundation has about a million members; those who do not reside in United States, can also become a member as well. Being a nonprofit organization, it is sustained by donations, selling of trees, commodities and corporate sponsors from some of the renowned names.

To become an Arbor Day foundation member, there are certain rules.
  • A person will have to pay a nominal amount and in return the organization will give them 10 trees to plant.

  • Depending on what the member chooses, the trees can either be sent by post or planted in honor of the member, in a forest, in need of trees.

  • Some of the benefits, which the members of the foundation can enjoy, include subscription to the Arbor Day newsletter, subscription to The Tree Book for reference about plating trees, access to the various resources of the foundation, an opportunity to participate in the conservation of trees and discount on tree purchased from the foundation. The foundation encourages areas and localities to become Tree City USA. This recognition helps the locality to make a strong contribution, towards nature.

There are four conditions, which a community must meet to become a Tree City USA. They are:
  • Must have a tree board or division

  • Must establish a regulation for tree care

  • Must have an Arbor Day celebration and declaration

  • Must have a forestry program in the community, with a yearly budget of annual budget of at least $2 per capita

People can buy trees from the organization and plant them in garden, forests, parks etc. One can buy the trees online as well; for this they will have to browse the various trees that are available for sale, and then choose the one they want to buy.

There are some attractive schemes on offer, for all those who buy the trees online.

The organization arranges various events and programs, all aimed towards conservation. One can become a part of the various programs, depending on what they would like to do. Some of the programs of the foundation are:

Replanting: here forests having a deficit of plants are identified. New trees are planted to take care of the urgent need of replanting.

Tree Line USA: in this program, one gets credit for using the best practice in efficiency horticulture.

Tree City USA: recognizes the area or locality that works towards plantation of trees and encourages the people living there to do it.

Arbor Day Farm: here one can host their business meetings or conferences in the Arbor Day farms.

Tree Campus USA:the campus that goes green with the best tree management and community involvement practices are recognized.

Nature Explore Club: this program is a good way, to make the kids connect with nature and let them find out about the various wonderful things.

Carly's Kids Corner:this program is designed for kids studying in 4th grade and upwards.

Rain Forest Rescue:this initiate works towards preserving the tropical resources of the earth.

Last Updated: 2nd April, 2018