Arbor Day Facts

There are many Arbor Day facts, which make for an interesting reading. The Arbor Day books written by various authors, contains several of these facts. Some Arbor Day facts are given here..

  • Arbor Day is a National holiday in America
  • Arbor Day was founded by J. Sterling Morton in the year 1872
  • Arbor Day is a day, which encourages people to plant trees and look after them
  • At a meeting of the State Board of Agriculture, J. Sterling Morton for the first time proposed a tree-planting holiday to be called ‘Arbor Day’ on January 4, 1872
  • The date for celebrating Arbor Day is not the same in all places. It varies depending on the suitable time for plating trees in that place.
  • In some places, people celebrate Arbor Week, where an entire week is dedicated to planting trees and taking care of them.
  • The National Arbor Day in United States is celebrated on the last Friday of the month of April
  • Arbor Day Foundation is the biggest non-profit organization in the world, that works towards planting trees
  • Some of the other countries, where Arbor Day is celebrated include New Zealand, Canada, and Australia etc.