Arbor Day Books

This is the one day, when we can give something back to nature, by plating new trees and caring and tending the old ones.People prefer to do many Arbor Day activities on this day, reading books are one of them. Of course, all these activities are surrounded around the main theme of caring for the plants and planting new ones. There are numerous Arbor Day books that people, across all age groups prefer to read. Most of the books have valuable information about various types of trees, plants, nature and such other stuff related to the environment. Some of the books trace the history of Arbor Day, while some of them chronicle the various activities, done to mark this day.

Arbor Day Books
Book Writer
Arbor Day Kelly Bennett
The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein
A Tree Is a Plant Clyde Robert Bulla
Be a Friend to Trees Patricia Lauber
Champion of Arbor Day Sandy Beaty
Earth Book for Kids Linda Schwartz
Nature's Green Umbrella Gail Gibbons
The Dragon and the Unicorn Lynne Cherry
What Good is a Tree? Larry Dane Brimner
The Tree in the Ancient Forest Carol Reed-Jones
Sharing Nature With Children Joseph Bharat Cornell
The Great Kapok Tree Lynne Cherry
A Guide for Using the Great Kapok Tree in the Classroom Lynn DiDominicis