Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating a marriage anniversary thereby commemorating the ever growing bond between two souls thus becomes significant. Here are some marriage anniversary ideas that you would like to go through to celebrate different milestones of your married life.

1st Marriage Anniversary

The first year is often regarded as the year of adjustments besides "falling in love" once again. Therefore its important to reflect on both the hardships and joys that you have encountered in your maiden year of togetherness. Here are a few ways by which you can celebrate your first marriage anniversary.

  • Arrange a Famous Couples Party:

  • Since it’s the year of love and the further realization of it, it would be great if you arrange a Famous Couples Party on your first anniversary. But you can only make this happen if all the guests invited at your party have their respective partners with them. You can arrange for some real fun events for the day that includes selection of the best dressed couple, question answer games, buzzer rounds etc.

    Arrange a Famous Couples Party

    Another way to celebrate the first anniversary would be to arrange a family backyard BBQ. If both of you all are really close to your families, you can invite them and spend quality time together.

  • Create a collage

  • of videos of some of the happiest and emotional moments together and watch them only in each others’ company. Far from the clamor of a wild party this would be an ideal celebration for couples who don’t get much time to spend with each other.

  • Luau Themed Party: 

  • For those who have stepped newly into the marital shoes, the anniversary party deserves an edge of glamour and humour. A Hawaiian-style party can just be the perfect choice. With men dressed in Hawaiian shirts and women in grass skirts and leis, it will be the time to break-free, shake one's belly and drink tropical concoctions. With the game of "Lei Me" made to spark the spirit of love amongst couples, such a "luau styled" party can etch a sunny smile on people's faces for days on end.

    2nd Marriage Anniversary 

    As the second year of the marriage ensues couples find them more at home with each other- more comfortable and relaxed at each others' company.

  • Hobby Themed Party:

  • If the couple enjoys a special hobby together, say music, that's easily a great theme. Does the lady love humming a tune or two, or do they both love singing along to the songs on the stereo? Organize a karaoke party, and let them have fun singing all their favorite songs. You can rent karaoke equipment for the evening. Have guests join to make it livelier and fun! The more, the merrier.

    Hobby Themed Party

    5th Marriage Anniversary

    An upscale dining in a posh restaurant with close family and friends would just be ideal for couples who have hosted the first few years of all the fun anniversary parties.

    Honeymoon party
  • Planning a honeymoon party

  • Would also be a good idea. Try to introduce a bit more novelty by recreating the ambience of your honey moon destination. For instance, if it was near a sea beach you can arrange the part around a pool and request your guests to come clad in beachwear.

    Wine tasting
  • Wine tasting in a local vineyard with friends can be great too!
  • Vintage Themed Party:

  • For those older into the marriage shoes, styling the wedding anniversary as per the Victorian era can be a superb idea.Host couple and their guests dressed in vintage costumes can bring a touch of authenticity to this themed party. Bring a glamorous twist by inviting guests to do ballroom dancing with ornate masks.

    10th Marriage Anniversary

    Ushering in the tenth year of togetherness with much jubilation will make for some great memories in future:

  • Decade’s Party:

  • A well organized Decade’s Party can be apt for the 10th year anniversary. Recreate the quintessential decade that you belong to by dressing up accordingly. For instance, if both you and your partner belong to the 70s bring back that era by playing songs, wearing dresses and make up that belong to the 70s.

  • Vow Renewal Party:

  • Stick to a strictly formal party to renew your marital vows once again. Let family members and friends be a part of the occasion, especially those who had attended your wedding.

  • Party of Ten:

  • Arrange a party where each of the aspects focuses on the number 10- be it the decorations, or the number of couples invited or else the games played. For instance, you can make alternate arrangements of 10 roses, ask ten questions about couples in the numbers game etc.

  • First Date Themed Party:

  • When one has spent ten years of togetherness through the tides of marriage, recreating the early days of dating can well be in tune with the mood of anniversary. This will not only add energy and enthusiasm to an otherwise ordinary celebration but will also create an atmosphere of nostalgia. The first flowers, the first romantic dinner, the first kiss or the first memorable holiday spent in each other's arms can well be revisited with such a party in place. To add a touch of humor to it and make the event whole and hearty, the couple can be asked to wear the attire similar to the first date or prom as one did back in time. Such a well thought out party can bring a spark of nascent love to the rigors of marital life.

    25th Marriage Anniversary

    Brace yourself for the most romantic evening together by arranging a party styled to honor your preferences and treating the guests as well.

  • Silver Party:

  • Send out invitations in silver, put on a silver gown as a bride, and make sure that the silver décor makes up for a good part of your party decorations

  • Fiesta Party:

  • A fiesta would be fun for both the couple and the guests. Allow free reign of imagination while planning every aspect of the bash. Decorate your backyard with wacky festoons or else some freshly chosen flowers. Treat your guests with individual syrupy seven dip layer cups instead of the conventional wine and cakes!

  • Vintage Party:

  • Arranging a vintage party would be equally effective. But make sure that you’ve ample material at your disposal to pull off the particular era you have themed your party on.

    30th Marriage Anniversary

  • Pearl Themed Party

  • With sea food, opalescent linens and oysters can be the name of the game here!

  • Greek Feast:

  • Head off to Greece or Hawaii or else recreate the ambience of these destinations at your backyard with some sirtaki notes, plates of fire and Abba!

  • Las Vegas Themed Party

  • Replete with casino games, wild grooves and eclectic music can just sweep your partner off his/her feet. Why not try it out?

  • Place Themed Party:

  • For a couple who have spent a lot of time together in a particular place such as Africa, China or Asia, organizing a place-themed party can be a great option. The main idea is to recreate the place so that the couple gets the flavor of their most preferred destination.


    50th Anniversary

    Traversing a life long journey together, your 50th anniversary might call for some moments of togetherness spent with your extended family in bliss- far from the clamor of roaring parties. Here are a few ideas that you can avail:

    Heading off to a trip with your family Here the younger members of your family take charge of the wheels and you can just relax with your partner reminiscing old days and spreading joy.

    Treating your partner with golden colored Chardonnay.

    Planning a quiet date with your partner.

  • Era Themed Party:

  • Go retro for this fun and unique spin on anniversary celebrations. Set the theme around the decade the couple got married, and use that flavor in selecting songs, décor and even the clothing. You can ask guests to maintain the era look for the party. For example, if the marriage was in the ‘60s, boho inspired outfits can be the look for the guests. Hippie skirts, headdresses, and flower power rule! Invest a little extra, and you can go for a local band that can sing songs from that era. There's nothing like a flavor of the era, to get people grooving to the beats and having fun. Also, see if a few lyrics of famous songs can be worded differently to customize songs for them.